Thursday, September 6, 2012

Home and Garden

September has crept up on us. Normally this would mean summer is over and most people are getting ready for the Fall. The cool temperatures. The hearty soups and warm drinks. We live in Florida. Summer is not over. I repeat summer is not over! It rains every day. The temperature is still in the 90's and there is no sign of Fall. September is rather hot here in Florida. Our air conditioner will not get a break this month.

Weather aside, September brings so many wonderful venues to central Florida. Two are actually going on this weekend. Disney hosts an event called the Night of Joy. Christian music artists come out and give concerts at the Magic Kingdom. We have attended this event before and it is so much fun. It is also an amazing blessing. The music is great. The testimonies are even greater.

 The Orange County Convention Center is hosting the Home and Garden Show. I will be going to this years show. I am very excited for this event. I love, love, love all things Home and Garden. I love to decorate, create, style, paint, plant, grow, you name it, I love it.

I am hoping to be inspired by all the men and women at the convention. I crave inspiration to try new things. Inspiration to create. Inspiration to take risks. I can honestly say interior decor and home improvement is a passion of mine. One I long to dedicate more time and energy into. I want to learn everything that I can about this field. I want to help others with this knowledge. I know that our church has a program called Real Help. It is sort of our version of Extreme Home Makeover. This ministry helps families who are in need of home repairs and renovations.

It is nice to know that we can use any passion that is on our hearts to help others. Enjoy these beautiful pictures of Home and Gardens. Hopefully they will inspire you to add something beautiful to your home or to the home of someone in need.

A beautiful bedroom. An organized linen closet. A rustic headboard with stenciling. Tile that reminds me of art. Reclaimed wood with some simple words to inspire. A beautiful pantry that is actually pretty practical. These are some of the beautiful things that inspire me. (I got all the pictures from Google).

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