Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Delights

Fall is in the air. Of course in Florida that means the low is 78 degrees and the high is 89. Nevertheless I am in the mood for Fall. All the warm colors. The wonderful aromas of cinnamon and spice. The shorter days and longer nights. Enjoy these beautiful pictures.

Fall leaves. The colors that Autumn brings are so vibrant and warm.

Time to go to the pumpkin patch and pick the perfect one. I have so many ideas for them this year. Here are a few.

Look at these great decorating ideas. They sure have inspired me to bring some warmth into this Florida home.

Yearning for the Holidays

Today I was craving for a Thanksgiving meal. Of course we are in the middle of October and Thanksgiving is only a month away. I figured if I actually cooked a traditional Thanksgiving dinner today it wouldn't feel as special when the actual holiday rolls around. So instead we had Thanksgiving Sandwiches.

We got some Oven Roasted Turkey Breast from the Deli at our local supermarket. We had them slice it nice and thick so it felt like leftover Thanksgiving turkey. We used Honey Whole Wheat bread, spread whole berry cranberry sauce on the bread. Then I layered a couple of turkey slices on the cranberry sauce. I topped that with stuffing and poured some gravy on that. I finished it by adding more cranberry sauce on the top piece of bread. It was warm and delicious. It was just a little bit of Thanksgiving in October.

Happy Holidays!