Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

A new year. Time for new beginnings, do overs, second chances. There is something peacefully calm about getting to start over again. Everything is in the past and it is now time to push forward and be the best person you can be.

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions. This year however, I want to make a list. I need to write down all the things I want to improve or accomplish for 2013 and put it somewhere visible. I believe if I can see my list of goals it will encourage me. Here are a few that will be on my list.

1. Get organized! I bet this one is a popular one. My plan is to go through each room in the house with a notebook and write down what the room needs in order to be organized. For example if I were looking at my kids bathroom I would see towels on the floor and clutter under the sink. I need to write in my notebook towel hooks and containers for under the sink. In the kitchen I definitely need something to keep my pots and pans organized. Hopefully I can hit one room each month and by the end of the year each room is completely organized.

2. Spend time on myself. I am guilty of letting the mom in me take over and I forget to be an individual. I actually feel guilt at times if I take time to get my nails or hair done. I need to get over this and make myself a priority. I need to feel good and look good so I can teach my children about confidence. So I will go shopping for clothes and shoes this year. I will read books that have nothing to do with parenting, cooking or homeschooling. I will take time for friends and just hang out and explore and do the things that interest me.

3. I will stop avoiding exercise. I don't need to participate in a triathlon. I just want to get moving. I need to take a walk everyday. It can be alone or with the kids. We can explore our neighborhood and go on bike rides. I have a beautiful trail that runs right by my home. I need to take advantage of that. Maybe I can reward myself for exercising by buying myself a little something and I can kill two birds with one stone! (Goodness who made that up? It sounds so violent.)

4. I will be a light in my community. There are so many opportunities all around me to help others. I strongly believe we are all put on this Earth to help one another. I need to stop being selfish and give some of my time to help the community. This year I will find churches, organizations, clubs that need my help. I can also involve my children so they can learn from an early age the beauty of lending a hand. I want them to know that they can make a difference in this world. At times some of the ugliness in this world seems overwhelming and it paralyzes me. Who am I kidding it always paralyzes me. This year I will leave fear behind and make whatever difference I can. Change has to start somewhere.

2013 will be a wonderful year. A year of growth and positive changes. A year of becoming the woman I was meant to be. A year of directing my children towards a path of compassion, love and giving. What I hope the most for this year is to remember life is not a guarantee. I might not be here tomorrow so I need to make a difference today. Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all make a difference in someones life this year.

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