Monday, June 10, 2013

My Perfect Sunday

Sunday is  my favorite day of the week. On this day my dear husband and I spend the day together. We call it "Date Day".  Sure there are some Sundays where we bypass our date because of a holiday or a family commitment. However Date Day is a priority for us, so we try to stick to it.

The idea behind "Date Day" is to reconnect with one another and to do what we want to do. Having children can sometimes push your identity as husband and wife to the back burner. You forget how to be a couple because you are wearing your mom and dad hats all week. So on any given Sunday you will find us riding roller coasters at Disney World. Sometimes trying out a new restaurant where chicken fingers and cheeseburgers are not on the menu. Sitting on a bench at the park enjoying warm breezes and the beauty central Florida has to offer.

I remember one Sunday we went to the Animal Kingdom. We decided to go on Kali River Rapids. This is sort of a river raft ride. You get wet, very wet. It is the must go on ride in the summer here in Florida. After going on it twice we decided to ask what the record was for riding this ride. We were told there was no official record but rumor had it someone went on twenty-three times in a row. We decided to try and break that record. We made the line a total of eight times. After that the park was getting ready to close and the ride attendants were asking do you want to get off or stay on? Heck yeah we'll stay on! We rode a total of thirteen times that day. No where near the record but we had made our own record. We know the next time we attempt to do this we have to go on at least fourteen times. Funny thing about this story, the last three to four rides we stayed on with the same people. There was a couple from Japan, a mother and daughter from the U.S. and several other people that I cannot recall. We decided to take a picture to commemorate our adventure together. I still have that picture. Somewhere. If I find it I will put it up.

My dear husband and I though it would be cool if we could publish that photo on the Internet and find these random people who added so much laughter and joy to our special "Date Day". They say there is only six degrees of separation between any two people. I wonder if that Japanese couple ever tell their friends about their special Sunday in America. I wonder if they remember the couple who kept holding each other and huddling every time water came pouring down on them.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. I get to make memories with the man I love.

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