Monday, July 16, 2012

This Weekend

 Friday July, 13th was our 20 year wedding anniversary. It's funny how just a couple of months ago I thought we would be in Italy for our anniversary. It has been a dream of ours to vacation in Tuscany and Umbria. Doing as the locals do.
We've always wanted to explore those regions on our own. I never wanted to do the tour where you follow the guy with the flag. A bus drops you off for a couple of hours at some tourist attraction and then takes you back to your hotel. That feels so cliche.
I've always wanted to stay in a farmhouse with a host family. Eating in their dining room with their family and friends. Enjoying each others company and some good food and wine. I even thought about going during the olive harvesting time. (I think my dear husband and I like Olive Oil more than wine.)  I thought it would be great to help bring in the harvest. Maybe learn the art of pressing the olives and making our own olive oil.
We dream of going to the local town square and getting fresh bread, cheeses, fruits and wine and going on a hike to find the perfect spot to sit and enjoy our treasures. Life's beautiful moments are often found in the simple things. Too often we let life get in the way of enjoying our blessings and actually living.
 I want to  live and enjoy this life that was given to me. I want to see the beauty in people. I want to see the beauty in nature. I want to see how someone else, someplace else, can be so different than me but so similar at the same time. I want to learn new things. Most importantly I want to share it all with my husband. We were brought together on this journey called life.
The memories that stay with us are the ones that we make when we slow down and take time to enjoy one another. So don't forget to laugh a little today. Say hello to a neighbor you've never met. Go on a walk with your husband, wife, children, dog, any of the above or all of them. Take your camera with you and let the lens capture something your eye has missed.
Previously I posted that we were going through some changes in our household. I wanted to try to find a way of living frugally and more Eco-friendly. Now that I think about it, what I really want is to find a way to live simply. I don't want to miss my life because I am too busy not living it.

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